Deb Sherrer, M.A., C-IAYT, is a rostered psychotherapist, yoga therapist, writer, and emerging photographer. She has been offering therapeutic services in the Burlington area for the past eight and a half years, in South Burlington and Shelburne, specifically. Service inquiries can be made by calling Deb at 802-999-2703. Voicemail access is confidential. Weekday inquiries will be responded to within 24 to 48 hours, while weekend requests will be addressed on the next business day.  (This site is currently under revision. Your patience is appreciated.)

Client feedback and reflections:

Psychotherapy Clients:

“Deb is skilled at holding space for healing work to unfold. Through my work with Deb, I learned the depths of the wisdom of my body in a new and profound way. It was particularly helpful that she incorporated mindfulness techniques and gentle movement during our (psychotherapy) sessions. I didn’t know exactly where the work would take me. Through a relationship of trust and respect, she supported me to make decisions and guided me through fear, into darkness, and back to light with wisdom and immense kindness.”

“Deb is one of the most intuitive people that I know. With her caring way…I’ve been able to reconnect with who I am on all levels: emotional, mental, physical and spiritual, and to understand myself to an even greater degree, which has brought me deep personal joy. She is a true gift for anyone who chooses to work with her.”

Therapeutic Yoga and Mindfulness Client:

“I worked with Deb weekly, for 2 years, learning yoga and specifically trauma-informed yoga during a most painful period of my life. I had always dabbled in the ‘mind/body connection,’ yet was trained as a traditional therapist years ago…..yet….it wasn’t enough. Learning yoga with a trauma-informed ‘coach’…..taught me to truly appreciate the stillness and ‘knowing’ of my body to bring me back to the present moment and to ease my anxiety, fears, losses and body image issues. I so appreciated Deb’s insight, her wisdom, her ability to hear me, her empathy…over the two years. I had such body image issues and would not set foot in a yoga class before I met her and am now free to live in my body. Deb taught me so much more than yoga. And I am so, so grateful.”