Psychotherapy, Yoga Therapy, and Mindfulness Services

After 14 years of offering integrative psychotherapy, therapeutic yoga, and mindfulness services, I am rewriting this section as of today, June 5, 2024.

What I love most about my work is the opportunity to join individuals on their unique paths and invite deep respect, reflection, collaboration, creative resourcing and competencies to meet the opportunities and/or challenges they are navigating. I believe in each individual’s inherent wholeness which “includes all of our wounds” (Rachel Naomi Remen), as well as her/his/their capacities to grow, heal, nurture self-care, self-compassion, meaningful connection, and resiliency. Utilizing an integrative approach demonstrates my appreciation that our whole beings: minds, hearts, bodies, and souls are engaged in and affected by our life experiences and therefore can and must be considered in the realm of psychotherapy. I deeply value and apply a systemic/collective lens understanding that individuals are impacted by intersecting systems and realities that need to be considered when exploring contextualization, meaning, and approach.

My own healing journey in utilizing therapy, yoga, and mindfulness practices humbly and humanely inform my offerings including the importance of respect, compassion, curiosity, and personal empowerment.

Over the years, I have had the privilege of working with individuals from 18 to 80+ years old experiencing: the depths of loss and grief, adapting to neurodiversity, entering a critical crossroads of personal growth or identity, healing from trauma*, coping with chronic pain, and many other life experiences requiring skilled support. I approach this work as collaborative equals, while providing professional resources.

(*Trauma that can be appropriately addressed in individual, integrative therapy.)

Professional Background and Ongoing Development:

Degrees: education and special education (BS); clinical psychology (MA).

Previous assessment skills and professional experience with neurodiversity: special education, neuropsychological assessment technician, college support program personnel, traumatic brain injury programming/adaptation, and school psychology assessments and consultations with parents and students. Current: Psychotherapy with individuals with experiences of neurodiversity.

Practiced as licensed school psychologist in Chittenden County for a number of years.

14 years in private practice.

Internal Family Systems, IFS-informed:

Clinical supervision at Vermont Center for Integrative Therapy (VTCIT), 2010 to 2018
Ceci Sykes Training: Internal Family Systems and Addiction (VTCIT)
Amy Weintraub and Angela Huebner, Internal Family Systems Therapy Meets LifeForce Yoga: A Week of Healing and Learning, Cape Cod Institute, Summer of 2022, weeklong intensive
Dick Schwartz, online, The Self-Led Helper, Embodying The Healing Wisdom, two days online (12 hours)
Dick Schwartz, Internal Family Systems Workshop, Cape Cod Institute, Summer of 2023, weeklong intensive
Dick Schwartz and Thomas Hubl, Connect. Restore. Reclaim. Online, six sessions (12 hours)
Dick Schwartz and Gabor Mate, Embracing All of You, Sounds True with Tami Simon, Spring of 2024, six sessions

Francis Weller & Associates, 10-month weekly program (2023 – 2024)

Collective online teachings and discussions on Jungian-informed depth work, grief and loss, climate change disruption and grief, and soul work.

Yoga, Yoga Therapeutics, and Mindfulness:

Mindfulness and meditation practice, self-study for approximately 28 years and workshops (Tara Brach: Radical Acceptance and True Refuge).

Individual yoga practice for 25 years 
200-hr Yoga Teacher Training, Emily Garrett and Jill Satterfield (2008)
40-hr Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Teaching Training, Dave Emerson @ The Trauma Center; Bessel van der Kolk, Executive Director (in 2009)
Taught trauma-informed yoga workshops for Laughing River Yoga and Evolution Yoga in Burlington, Vermont
Anxiety: It’s Not All In Your Mind with Jill Satterfield, 2020, daylong workshop
Offering Trauma-sensitive (2010-2019) or trauma-informed group and/or individual therapeutic yoga since 2010 to present.
Certified International Association of Yoga Therapists, 2017 to present.

Endless appetite for learning, so constantly reading professional and cross-disciplinary, relevant books.

Currently reading,The Myth of Normal, by Gabor Mate and Seven Thousand Ways to Listen, Staying Close To What Is Sacred, by Mark Nepo.


Services are offered in person or via telehealth.

My office is located at 291 Bostwick Farm Rd. in Shelburne, Vermont. This is an easy drive from the Burlington hub and surrounding areas. More information is available about the location and facility at: