The Best of Burlington’s Writer’s Workshop Anthology, 2018

Of Christmas Past and Present (creative non-fiction), June 2018

Be Best at the border, too., April 2018

On the 19th anniversary of the Columbine high school shootings, July 2017

Sharing The Road

Vermont Woman, June 2017

New Tables, New Tools: Putting Visionary Women at the Center of the Conversation, with Mercedes Mack, April 2017

Wrong Number at the White House

Vermont Woman, April 2017

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid — Or Not, March 2017

Civic Engagement

Vermont Woman, November 2016

Cohabitation for the Common Good

Vermont Woman, September 2016

From Sex Ed to Sexual Assault: The Wisdom of Jane Doe

Vermont Woman, Summer 2016

Growing Up and Aging (Gracefully?) in America

The Best of Burlington’s Writer’s Workshop Anthology, 2016

of love, sustaining burlington-writers-workshop-2016/ (20 minutes in), February 2016

Burton’s Playboy Snowboards: The Greater Dialogue

Vermont Woman, April 2013

Oscars Have a Long Way To Go, Baby!

Littlest Blessings (An anthology published by Whispering Angel Books, September, 2012 and available through Amazon)

Made Visible

Vermont Woman, November 2011

Memory Flecks

Burlington Free Press – My Turn Column

The Burton Bubble

Another Day on the Exit Ramp

Safer Society Press – The Healing Journey Anthology, April 2010

Shrapnel, we are everywhere, and a third piece listed as anonymous at publisher’s request.

Affilia Journal:

The Good Girl (in recovery) and The Lesson – Fall of 2009.

Poetry Society of Vermont – The Mountain Troubadour

transient light (2009)

Wild True (2011)

golden beam (Contest: Honorable Mention for Goldstein Award, 2011)

Burlington Poetry Journal – Volume II, February 2008

Bumper Stickers

Violence Against Women International Journal, October 2008

To Endure (for Michelle Gardner-Quinn)

Burlington Poetry Journal – Volume I, September 2007


My mother’s best kept little secret…