last blossoms

Unknown-2before the frost

     The last blossoms are just as vibrant as the first and just as innocent of their pending demise. Humans have no such naiveté regarding the autumn and winter of their lives.  Once we begin to anticipate the fade from the glow of deep summer, we become aware of the precious, finite quality of our lives.  “Life is short.” “This is not a dress rehearsal.” “You only live once.” all take on real meaning beyond the familiarity of adages.  These are no longer phrases or concepts; you feel into them.  Your body mirrors back the changes of autumn, initiating a letting go in inevitable steps, particular ways. While not culturally acceptable, a knowing part wants to let go into this gilded time, where what matters most is simple and unadorned by status, materialism, the high energy of youth. Vibrancy is redefined in depth, the exploration of gathering wisdom, a turn toward the quiet, creative center. Perhaps all of this is necessary, so the last, sweetest blossoms of one’s gifts can manifest fully in the second half of life, long before the killing frost.